Thursday, August 23, 2012

GET in my mailbox!!! Fall nail polish

Heyy Ladies. Or gents. Thank god tomorrow is FRIDAY. I am seriously dragging ass. Probably because boot camp is kicking my ass. But that's a good thing! so I won't complain. I haven't lost too many LB's but I am hoping to tackle my diet next week and hopefully see results.
Moving right along. My current topic of interest, Fall nail colors.

I am currently rocking Ballet Slippers by Essie, one of my all time top 5 nail colors.

Also the 3rd bottle of polish I ever bought. Its the most amazing white for my skin color and I think I just might wear it until I feel like its safe to rock colors like these:

This is heading towards my mailbox!  I actually emailed julep to cancel my box for this month, and then they turned around and said we will give it to you for FRIZZLE. Which is Free if you don't get my ghettospeak. Which I was so excited about because I am seriously lusting after fall nail polish colors.

If you want to join the Julep party follow this link and get your own box for $.01!

I'm out!


Amber said...

oooh love those colors!

Tiffany said...

that's the julep box I am getting this month and I am so excited!!!

modern Suburbanites said...

love those colors!

Hilary said...

Your nails look amazing - are they natural?!

Stephanie said...

How the HELL you paint your nails so darn perfect is BEYOND me!! Foreals.

Carolyn said...

Dang you! I skipped my box for the month and got no free box offer! :) Jealous!! Love those colors!

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