Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Shower Fever

The time thief paid my visit these past couple of days, ie. Tessy's been in frantic land the past couple of days.

and what's been keeping me busy??

Baby showers!! 
(And a huge event in t-minus 20 days .. but thats not as fun to chat about. oh and planning every single meal I eat.. also not as fun of topic )

WARNING: sappy baby post coming..

First up, we showered a co-worker with tons of girly gifts on Friday! I don't have any pictures of this, but they got so many cute outfits and onesies. I think shopping for little girl clothes may or may not have become a new hobby..seriously. Anything for a little girl just makes my heart go pitter patter!

Then on Saturday we celebrated Erika's twins, Keegan and Noelle, with a "Two peas in pod" themed shower! look at these cupcakes. So cute. AND guess what? I didn't thave a single bite. Not a one people! Yeast-free and going strong!

The Mother-to-be and her shower hosts, Mrs. Debbie, her MIL, Marci and Amanda

 All the girls, thats a lot of estrogen right there!

I actually had a basket full of 'useful' gifts for Erika's, and chunked one out of cart to slip in a baby girl outfit. No joke. Couldn't even help myself. It just happened.

You can mosey on over to Erika's blog, shes been updating throughout her pregnancy, twins sounds like so much fun.. AND .. if you like crafts you'll have extra fun reading her sister's recap of her showers.

OH and I got to watch this little guy oooh, and ahhh. Little baby Lucas seriously makes the cutest faces. I think he had about three looks. Charming half smile, serious scowl, and a confused "who the heck are you and why are you holding me??" look.

So now, today it is Wednesday, weare meeting up to plan Jennifer's shower, for a little baby girl!! So freakin' exciting ya'll! I have a ton of ideas, so we shall see! I found some pins that I am swooning over, but I'm only posting one so I don't ruin the fun!  

Balloons with streamers.
Gotta run. BYE.

Oh and if you are wondering if I have baby fever... the answer is no! I actually have a baby-fever-meter, a little device  I like to refer to when discussing this topic.  I am steady at a 3 out of 10. Meaning.. I'm curious, but still waiting til I have the fever bad, which has not happened yet. Or in other terms.. breast milk bags still make me gag. Just a tad - in my mouth. So I definitely take that as a no, I do not have baby fever. But I could get used to this "hold me for a few seconds then give hand me right back to my mommy stuff " :)

Alright over and out!


Carolyn said...

Love it!! :) I had so much fun planning Kristin's baby shower last summer! :)

Brittany said...

So many baby girls in your life!! I feel like everyone I am close with is having boys. Fun still but I love the girly clothes :)

Claire Kiefer said...

You stayed away from those cupcakes? You are a superwoman! Baby Lucas is adorable--I wouldn't have wanted to put him down (until he started crying, LOL). :)

Katy M said...

You go girl avoiding those cupycakes!! You made me LOL about the breast milk in a bag.. totally gross!

Love-Lee said...

Had so much fun with everyone on Saturday! I'll be checking back in on your baby fever meter in May when Noelle, Keegan and Molly all arrive. Actually... that sounds overwhelming. :) Thanks for celebrating with me!!

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