Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yeast Free Diet Check in!

Ok so it's Thursday, and I haven't posted since Monday. But let me esssplain. And also bear with me, this post will be lengthy. But a lot of you are also doing YF, and  I think these check-ins are good and I hope you all will post how you are doing too!

As Day 1 of yeast free ended, I felt AMAZING I was snapping a bunch of pics, super giddy, and ready to lose some weight (see below) This is what we ate for a majority of Day 2 as well.

waking up early for coffe with almond milk, and eggs with cherry tomatoes and pelpeppers. (I started adding  adding cinnamon today)
Apparently I'm late in in my spaghetti squash discovery, but you would have thought I found the moon on Monday! if youre looking for a good how-to watch this video
I ate avocados with salt and pepper as a snack. If I had a lime that woudl have been included too.

Ingredients. I used a little more garlic than usual.

My favorite spaghetti sauce recipe, sans carrots and mushrooms. Don't forget the bay leaves!


and THEN.

Day 2 and 3 came... I got tired. Like really tired. Like I can't keep my eyes open or finish my sentences tired!! And some headaches. Thats why this portion has the least pictures. But I knew from reading this blog post, that this was all pretty normal, and part of the “yeast die off” or detox part of the process. Essentially, my body is releasing toxins, and they are making me feel yuckeeee.

I came home from work on day 2 and literally couldn’t stop thinking of sweets. “Cake. Chocolate. Cake. Cupcake. Hmmm. Thos cupcakes on IG looked fabuloussss” at about 1 second per thought for 2 hours. Walked by subway and actually thought it smelt good. C'mon we all know subway stinks like butt! I  really thought I was going to lose it. And THEN I discovered almond butter. And holy Toledo I devoured a whole can in a day. I sat at my desk eating it out of the jar, that's how incredibley desperate for something sweet I was.

That’s probably not the best thing, since it’s a monosaturated fat that I am to have in moderation, but my cravings were just too intense. Day 3 was by the worst. Thankfully my boss has done the yeast-free challenge and understood why I couldnt keep my eyes open, or why I was rambling with one eye open about our next event  …LOL. And then she lent me the ‘yeast-free bible’ And that thing was read over my lunch break. I came away with a MUCH better understanding of the diet. I seriously recommend reading it BEFORE you start. Apparently I was supposed to wean myself off carbs for two weeks, not 2 days before we started to minimize the ‘yeast die off’ symptoms.  

What I learned from the book: I was not planning well enough, and not varying our foods. (You'd think grocery shopping on a Saturday, and waking up early to cook breakfast would be planned enough right??)Matt is still hanging on, by literally a thread, (He negotiated 10 cheetos last night), but I totally blame myself for not trying more exciting recipes, or following the ‘one beef, one turkey, one chicken, one pork, one fish’ rotation. Oh, and a list of Houston based restaurants that I can eat at, what what!!  I also need to consolidate meals to cook, because cooking every single night has left me drained, with a huge sink of dishes that I can’t seem to keep up with. Plastic plates will definitely be on my next grocery list J

So how much weight have I lost? I dont think I have lost anything yet, but my face looks slimmer and pants fit better. Kristen told me that sounded crazy, but matt and my coworker commented that my face looks slimmer. Matt has lost two pounds, MEN and their quick weight loss..but I plan to get to the gym very soon. I was just so exhausted at first I dont think it would have been possible.

But as for today?? (DAY 4) I woke up, and felt amazing again! Just full of energy! I'm dreaming of bikini season  (get outta here gloomy winter!) and chatting my little brain off at work! I'm ready to tackle my meal planning correctly this time, because frankly I dont think I was as prepared as I needed to be, looking forward to eating fruit (yes please!), and I have my eye on this recipe, and this steph's chocolate cake.

I know a lot of you are doing this diet! How's it going for you??
Lots of love - Tessy


Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

You are a monkey!

I love cooking every night! Maybe its because Chris cleans and I dont have to!

I like this 5 different meat rotation! I didnt know this!

Aly said...

I'm glad youre feeling better today!I've been feeling stressed about cooking all the meals too! I've definitely had a few errors- I bought the sweetened version of Almond Milk and have used creamer in my coffee. Maybe thats why I'm not having withdrawls?

That sauce looks amazing. I'm making spaghetti squash for the first time tomorrow! Can' wait :)

Aly said...

Just read my comment so many typos! Ha. Sorry!

Lynette said...

I love this. so proud of you bear! ps. is that a chive coffee mug? Loveee

Stephanie said...

So proud of yoU!! I hope you're still kicking BUTT!!

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