Thursday, January 24, 2013


It’s ok that the day started off super bumpy. One of those days where you really just don’t want to crawl out of bed. But you know you have to, because a mountain of work is waiting for you at your desk. So you throw your hair in a bun, (don’t forget the dry shampoo), your fave turtleneck, (because those are the only things that make buns look good)and rush out the door. You don’t have your diet approved lunch packed either. And then, woo hoo parking lot traffic! The freeway is down to 1 lane and it takes you 45 minutes to move 4 miles. FUDGE.

Just breathe. It’s totally ok to.. head to starbucks. Crap,  on this day, no matter how much time I don’t have, I am going to Starbucks. Point for Tess, for bringing her own cup and almond milk.

It’s ok to be in between clothes… half are too big and half are too small. No biggie, going to work looking like an assclown is totally OK when trying to lose the newlywed 15. (hmm.. maybe not)

It’s ok to read Mant’i Teo News when you should be working diligently. I mean really, how bizarre is this story???

It ok to feel like I’m in a blog rut, more on this later. If I ever decide to really open up. Lets hope this happens.

And lastly, it’s NOT ok to ride around on a little donut tire for a week. Those things are approved for 20 miles only, get it together Tessy Poo!

But really it’s ok people, It’s ok. you know why. Because it’s Thursday. And tomorrow is Friday, Friday. Gotta Get down on Friday. Says Rebekah Blue. Or whatever her name was.....

I promise I'm just trying to be self deprecating. Peace out bisshes!


shay said...

Love it... i turtleneck and bunned today too!!! and its totally OK!

Erin said...

I feel like I'm always between clothes. I mean they make half sizes for shoes why not jeans?

Carolyn said...

Oh goodness! Sounds like someone needs a weekend!! :)

Jenny Beth said...

Sister I'm in a rut too. Kinda scared to put it all out there. Scared of others thinking I'm not interesting and some other stuff. This blog world is kind of intimidatIng.

Claire Kiefer said...

Awwww, I get in blog ruts all the time. I totally know what you mean. Ultimately, though, I'd rather skip days of blogging than write meaningless content, or posts that don't really feel like "me." What you said about opening up, though . . . I think opening up would generate a ton more content for all bloggers. It's just a matter of how much you wanna share--another thing I struggle with!

Hope tomorrow is AWESOME to make up for the traffic, etc. you dealt with today!

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