Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Pumpkin Weekend in Pictures

It's been so crazy town around these parts as of late. Matthew has been traveling for work which has me all out of sync. After a crazy Friday, I had a much needed weekend with fam.
It's always great to just hit the restart button. 
 me and my nephew.
We started our pumpkins on Saturday night. I used folkart acrylic craft paint from Walmart. It was $2 a bottle. We painted one coat, then after the second coat, while it was still weat - we glitter bombed the top half of a mid-sized pumpkin. We used regular 2 dollar glitter and painter's tape.
 It was awesome!!
note: make sure to start at the painters tape and paint up towards the stem.
I could have been more careful. I also placed the pumpkin in a grocery bag while glitter bombing, to easily dispose of crazy glitter.

Hopefully I can get around to a "neutral fall decor" post soon. I'm really picky about seasonal decor for some reason, and it's always a challenge to get ready for the holidays. Hope everyone is enjoying the fall! 


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Love all the pretty pumpkins :)

Amber said...

Love the pumpkin with the gold glitter!

Meg O. said...

Love the pumpkins, especially the glitter one!!

The Southern Thing said...

I am loving the glitter bombed pumpkin! Now I want to make one!

Brittany said...

Fun!! The pumpkins look great

Jamie said...

I love the glitter pumpkin!

Coco Edwards said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower! I absolutely adore your blog! :)

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