Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free write

One of my favorite bloggers has a once a week "free write," and I'm about to join the party. Not sure if it will be once a week, but as Motley Mama says - let's get back to the basics of blogging aka some Good ol' narcissistic rambling

I have all these house-related blog posts sitting in my que, but I'm just not feeling it today. 

My mind is a flurrry, and I'm a ball of energy! Because I..
a) woke up and took a very short-lived jog this am 
b) I packed a semi-healthy, low carb hamburger salad for lunch 
c) It's boss's day, so we showered our boss with goodies and are expecting some warm cookies here shortly!! 

Now, you probably didn't care about any if that, but I had to get that out. I need to do this running thing every day. Despite my legs feeling half asleep, It. Was. Awesome. I thought I might topple over at one point, because (reference) my mind was telling me yes, buttt my body, my body was telling me no. Yes I just reversed that R. Kelly. I put my thang flipped it and reversed it! You're welcome!

So, as an update to my grocery store challenged post, I went to the grocery story and literally got the most simple meals. Emeals was looking muy complicado, so I just chunked stuff In the cart. Take that grocery store. 

Oh and I ransacked Ann Taylor Sunday. 40% off, plus an extra 20% for breast cancer awareness. Go getcha some ladieeeezzz. 

Over and out. -Tessy 

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Linnea said...

Simple meals are the way to go. Who really has time for fancy meals that take 2 hours to prep on a work night! Hamburger salad.. do tell! Love the lyrics flip.

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