Friday, October 11, 2013

For the grocery store-challenged

I actually like to cook. I really enjoy it in fact. I find cutting up all the veggies and sautéing em' up to be therapeutic. I'm dying to take cooking classes and figure out the nuance of mixing savory and sweet mixes. 

But grocery shipping? Meal planning? Omg just kill me now. I hate it. My brief episode with yeast-free dieting consumed all my time. 

I've told Matt if he we would just pick what to eat and grocery shop, I'd gladly cook. And clean up too! But let's face it, he looks at me like no, no child. That is your job. 

So in comes (thanks For the heads up Helene), A website that wil pick recipes, AND create grocery store lists for you. You input where you shop, how many mouths you need to feed, and how healthy / non healthy you'd like to eat. And boom. They spit out a bonafide grocery list for you. Or so they say. 

And yup, there is an app to go with! 

The one downside, It's 7 bucks a month. Which I think kinda sucks, but I'm still gonna give it a shot. 

Hopefully this Sunday, I'll be ready to tackle the g store with gusto. Maybe it will be the best 7 bucks I've ever spent. 


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I'm in awe that you even tried the YF diet. I can't even imagine... I'm sure it's good for you (for the most part) but our bodies are supposed to get all types of nutrients and when you cut out too much it makes me nervous. Plus it's way too expensive and time consuming.

I got on a healthier kick a few weeks ago, and told my husband I'll still make our favorite meals just not on a regular rotation and I'd be making healthier substitutions such as ground turkey instead of ground beef (albeit the lean ground beef) more fresh veggies instead of starchy sides. And I'm already seeing a difference in how we look and feel. And yes grocery shopping feels like such a chore.. I'll have to look into this app/website. Thanks!

Meg O. said...

I LOVE emeals!!! You will love it, too! The only thing I wish is the clean eating for 2 made enough for leftovers because I like to eat leftovers at lunch the next day. I love how the iphone app has a shopping list. Hope you like it!

Whitney said...

I was literally just looking at my emeals plan for next week! I'm obsessed with it. It definitely makes things much easier!

brittany @ g squared said...

I am the saaaame way. I hate the grocery store! Let us know how it works.

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