Monday, October 28, 2013


Today we finished our 1 year inspection with our builder.
Everything went pretty smoothly minus this scene - 
A crack in the foundation prompted a complete re-tiling and bathroom overhaul to fix it
Oh and the minor heart attack I had when my builder said everything wrong with the house after this 1 year Inspection is officially on us! Eek. Scary homeowner stuff I tell ya. 
The weirdest things start to happen as a new house starts to "settle." Cracks all over the place. Foundation cracks, wall cracks, tile cracks. (Say crack again, crack) crack, crack, crack. 

But two weeks later, and were done with random people in and out of our house fixing things. Thank The Lord because worrying about making your bed before you run out the door is seriously for the birds. 

In good news, our little table found a lamp friend. A pretty, shiny lamp friend. And an ornamental pumpkin. I'd say this table is making out pretty good here; its the only place in the house improving, besides small foundation cracks.

Also - I can't forget - we showered rachie and little baby cash this weekend too. Kristen and co. Hosted an animal-themed shower and it was pretty darn cute. 
Now, onto really important things - when does the bachelor start again? Mondays are starting to feel a lil' empty. Empty in my heart. Sad face.

and I updated my post from last week with pictures of my friend Jenn and her cute kiddos!

I was totally random today. Over and out - Tessy 


Kate at Green Fashionista said...

It was scary for us too after our 1 year warranty was up on the house. Thankfully nothing serious has gone wrong, but they were definitely in and out replacing things for us up until the warranty ended. We even had them replace sod a few times because our yard sucked the big one at first.

What happened with the toilet?

The Southern Thing said...

Sorry about the house :( Hopefully it doesn't get too bad for y'all.

Cute lamp! Is that gold or silver? I've been looking for one similar in shape! Where did you get it?

Christina McGuire said...

Hi Tess!
New follower here :) Just wanted to say hi and cute lamp in that post! haha Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with us in south FL.
All the best,

09 10