Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dear Baby Cook | 30 weeks

Dear Baby Cook: I don't want to forget that your daddy and I were binge-watching "the wire" this week. We also car shopped til we dropped, and found the perfect family car for all of us. We haven't bought it yet because your mommy and daddy are always waiting for the best deal. We plan to paint your dresser this weekend, and start hanging up your clothes. Your grandma has saved some really good clothes from all your cousins!  I also passed my 3-hour glucose test, and was the most brutal dr. Appt yet! Can't wait to see you on the big screen on July 21! Love you baby girl! *bump pic coming soon* I had some difficulties this am. 

How far along: 30 weeks 

Baby size: about three lbs they say. Still measuring a week behind! 

Weight gain: 17 lbs per the Dr.

Stretch marks: some small ones on my left hip. Still the only ones I've found. 

Mood: anxious to get stuff done, and content with all that is happening! I squeal at baby shower gifts in the mail and stalk my registry websites like a crazy person!

Wedding ring: on

Belly button: 
 In, but less of a hole is there. Lol. That sounds weird. 

Sleep: sure, when I have time for it. Still waking up early some days. And having no trouble getting back to bed after bathroom breaks. 

Gender: a little girl. We have officially decided to name her at the hospital! This is driving some people crazy but I don't want to think about it right now. Picking the name at go time will be special for us. 

Movement: movements are getting so strong! they startle me at my desk. She must be doing full rollovers and position changes. My iPad was on my stomach the other night and she was moving it. 

Best moment this week: Giving Matthew his first Father's Day gifts, and almost deciding on my diaper bag. OH and getting a fan for my desk :) 

Looking forward to: baby shower time! And packing my hospital bag. I don't know why I am already obsessing over that, but I so am. I pretty much want us all to wear peach at the hospital too. I told my boss if I go into labor at work I am quietly walking into her office, we'll go get the bag in my car and I don't want to tell anyone what is happening!! 

Food cravings: nothing really. Still loving on some cinnamon rolls. I think it's time to hit the very small meal approach because too much food makes me mega uncomfortable! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope.

Labor Signs: omg I got two weird back spasms and don't know if they were tinsy contractions. It was so weird! I got excited then anxious! I told Matt we are putting the to-do list in over drive. 

What I miss: my non chubby face. That's about it tho. Now that I look really pregnant I'm enjoying it more. I love talking to strangers about it, and I'm not a sensitive pregnant girl at all! 

Symptoms: back pain-a-liscious these days! Nothing new comes to mind, but of course I forget everything.

Workouts: none. Well, I have done some pelvic tilts to help with back pain. Getting through the day feels like work out enough.

And that's all she wrote! Later homies.

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Aww so exciting!! Love those diaper bags!! Where are they from?

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