Friday, June 6, 2014

Furniture Friday

Furniture Friday, Furniture Friday. Ok, so really a lot has been going down in Casa de Cook, but it’s all a jumbled mess and not quite finished therefore my furniture Friday is in a bit of a holding pattern. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but with me being a couch potato with a bad back, getting things checked of the list is MUCH, MUCH harder.  I usually start projects, and then make my husband or mom help me finish them, but yea that isn't happening these days. BUT. Some progress has been made. 

We painted the master bedroom. It's a behr color called vintage linen. We bought a new dresser (not pictured) last weekend,  and the dresser you see has made it's way to the nursery. Our new dresser is a a whole post in itself; we searched high and low for a while, then had to trek out to Austin to get it! We still need to paint her dresser, but more on nursery in a few weeks! 

I love our windows. It's one perk of a three story house. All you see is trees when you look out the master windows :) this has a lot of influence on the direction I want to take for the room. I'm not going full on green like I said when I got home from Costa Rica last year. I pretty much wanted to move to the rain forest after that trip, but I very much want green accents in our master bedroom. And indoor plants. Stay tuned! Green isn't the easiest color scheme. 
The difference between my super light walls and the vintage linen below 
We have painted this hutch a light, frosty blue! Pictures coming soon, husband literally finished it last night. Two weeks ago, I painted 85% of it.. Then my back gave out and I said no more. Oh, I have a new neutral fabric for our cornice boards. Bye bye to that navy in the right corner.

And, I am so not ready to talk about the nursery, but we did paint it about 5-6 weeks ago.. Here's a peek:

The color is much more peach in person, and I can NOT wait to stop with my house projects and move into the nursery. There's is not too much left in the house, but I just know it will not get get done once she is here, and want to be in a good place! 

Here's to hoping this weekend is productive... and our first weekend in three weekends that doesn't include a road trip. Thank goodness! Love you blogworld. Peace. 


brittany @ g squared said...

Love the color you picked for your master! I have been debating what color to paint ours for months and am still totally clueless.

Jamie said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Allyson Butler said...

I can't wait to see how all of this turns out! I love the idea of using green accents in your master.

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