Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pregnancy back pain

Ahh. The weekend is over. I don’t think I ever appreciated the words TGIF like I do as a prego, but I digress. It seems I think I am crossing items off my to-do list, then poof! I discover new items. But, hey. I am also really neurotic and over-research everything, so this is probably my own fault.

Anywhoo!  Besides the new maid I plan to hire, I just have to give a shout out to what has been helping me get through our seemingly never ending list of stuff to do. Meet my new friend, the maternity support belt.

^This would be me in the a.m. with no makeup on. Your welcome! Haha. Kidding. #keepingitreal^

It may or may not resemble a WWE championship belt, and my husband lets out a small chuckle every time I adjust the thing.  It takes a while to get the hang of disguising it in your clothes and velcro’ing it properly to prevent it rubbing against your belly in not so great ways. But let me tell you, the hassle is worth it prego friends!  My back pain has been reduced significantly, and I don’t even notice pelvic bone pain when I have it on. OH and I can walk much faster! Seriously, being a slower walker is just plain weird, and I'm super grateful that this problem has been helped J

The brand I am sporting is the Mom-EZ in a medium, and I personally found mine at the nine maternity boutique at my Dr.’s Office (nothing beats convenience!), but you can also find it on amazon.com here.  And its 5 bucks cheaper!

this product has really helped me so much, and I just had to share. And I’m out. Off to tackle the gazillion things I invented for myself to accomplish!  It seems I am way behind in baby planning when I compare myself to other girls about as far along as me, so I need to get crackin’!

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Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

I have seen these things around the web & everyone has great things to say about them! Glad it helps you!!

Megan C said...

Would've loved that when I was pregnant!! The chiropractor also helps a ton! I went a couple times while I was pregnant and it greatly decreased my back and hip pain.

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