Friday, June 13, 2014

Third trimester stuff | 29 weeks

Between protesting our property taxes, car shopping, nesting craziness and car breakdowns, the week has just flown by. I practically blinked and it was Friday. But I enjoy being busy for that exact reason, so no complaints here! I've just made a mental note to seriously take some days off, and schedule that prenatal massage my coworker Kimberly gifted me!

I've also made a vow to not let the third trimester get me down. It's easy to fall into the "third trimester sucks" mentality, which hey, if that's you I am totally not judging. I am just trying to keep myself in a good place and enjoy this time. If you ask my feet or my back they'd say, "this sucks!"  But again, I'm doing my best to not pay too much attention to those details. I'm pumped about my baby showers, getting a mom car, hostess gifts, more furniture / nursery projects and packing my hospital bag! I think I want to pack that sucker right now! 

maternity dress from

I'm skipping the questionnaire this week, but I will say my pregnancy brain was at all time high, I get super full after eating and I'm finally starting to get hot. At the same time, I'm praising the pregnancy gods for the invention of the support belt, chafing cream, and Liz Lange for Target casual prego tees! The fabric is just so comfy!  I also want to thank the man above for all these blessings. I don't want to take anything for granted! 

Oh and if you are pregnant, you MUST watch this parody!! It's made me chuckle all week long! 

Over and out!! 

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Curly Girl Confessions said...

Your positive attitude is going to get you to the end and you will be in a very happy place! I attribute the ease of the end of my pregnancy and labor\delivery to my positive attitude! You look adorable! ;)

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