Saturday, December 17, 2011

A college reunion & Congrats Brit Brit!

Everyone is out at Holiday parties tonight, but I have parked my little tush on the couch for the night. Last night we had a lil’ college reunion and, I guess the nostalgia of seeing college friends made me believe I could consume as much alcohol as I did in college. This is in fact, not true. I spent the better half of the morning with my porcelain friend, the toilet.  Good thing I bleached that shizzz right before everyone came over:

Our friend Sawyer (the redhead) moved away to Denver after college and we got to see her briefly when she stopped in Houston for the Holidays. Good to see ya girl!  

 AND my girl Brit Brit got engaged recently! Congrats from Emily (wifey) and I.  Here is a link to the first pics snapped of her ring and here are some pics of our Britney Adventures :

 And, Meet my wifey. We were married on Facebook for some 4 odd years, before some boys of ours busted up our online wedlock.We've been BFF since we 16, and she was my first friend when I switched high schools back in the day. We've pretty much been inseparable since, through drill team, student council, being roommates all through college (HOOK EM') to recently getting engaged just a day apart. Here are some older pictures of adventures of Natasha and Svetlana!

It's been a crazy ride. and that's all for now!


Emily said...

So many great memories!! Congrats Brit! Can't wait for her next concert! Love you wifey!

Morgan Daymude said...
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Natalie said...

I love my sisters!!! Cute blog Tessy, this is the first I have seen of it. Love!

Clary said...

There's someone missing from the "Now" picture!

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