Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our First "Family" Portraits

Matt's sister emailed us about what she wanted to give us for Christmas:
Matthew & Tess,
I had an idea last year for Christmas gifts for everyone but it never came to fruition.  This year, I'm making it happen.  I have dreams of shooting the perfect family portraits and gifting my favorite photo as a framed print or canvas to you as a Christmas gift.  :)

 My first thought was, is this how Matt is going to propose???? LOL. I asked Matt, and he said 'Oh my gosh babe seriously stop prying." It def didn’t turn out that way, you can read my first blog post ever of our engagement story here.

So we planned to take ours in Galveston after Thanksgiving, since we knew we'd want to go fishing for the holiday break. Now, Ann Marie did such amazing job that everyone thinks they are our official engagement photos. But really, we barely have a wedding date, so no we aren't taking our pictures yet! We will most likely take  more engagement photos sometime early next year, when we are a little more prepared lol. Or maybe just use these, hey who knows!

 We started at the beach, where it was terribly windy and sprinkling. We managed to get a few shots I like:
My eyes are tiny in this one. lol. 

Then had to put my hair up for a second:

So we retreated to the house and I changed into Matt's favorite color on me, which I think was much better:

This is my absolute favorite. I just love it.

 I really love this one as well. I love the lighting. and how sweet it is.

It’s a really cool feeling that Matthew and I are about to become a family. I am still amazed at the whole concept of being engaged, getting married, and how it’s the first step to starting a family of your own. I tell myself that I will always be Tess, and Matthew will always be Matthew, but marriage is still a mind-boggling concept. I’m going to become an errrr, Mrs.  How strange…and Exciting.  I am feeling like a glass case of Emotiiioooon. Haha. JK. But really, changing your last name (something I have conflicting feelings about) is a bit bizarre, and you can’t help but feel it will change your identity. Which, it literally and figuratively will. See. just mind boggling.  

So here are our engagement-inspired first family photos. I hope you enjoyed them, and they will always be very special to us!
THE END!! :)
  Love – Tessa 

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Lynette said...

You are adorable. And I love all the pictures. And I love you to pieces. The end.

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