Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stopping to smell the roses - A long post


 I have been quiet on the wedding front lately. Well on every front really. It's because my head has been reeling with thoughts of what kind of wedding I actually want. Last week Matthew and I almost booked an early summer date at Sacred Heart in Galveston - and something just didn't quit gel. We found ourselves hesitating to finalize the wedding we had spent 5 weeks setting up, and decided to re-evaluate. That's the nice way of putting it. Really, last week I was neurotic hot mess ranting and raving to anyone who would listen lol.

We always said we wanted a destination wedding. As a young girl,  I always said I would have a destination wedding or simply elope, that I wasn't a girl that wanted a bunch of fuss. Well, now that we are engaged, I realize what all the fuss is about, but still feel that I don't want the whole shebang of a traditional wedding.  I'm  really determined to not lose myself in this process, hence the re-evaluation of our traditional Galveston wedding.  I realize our wedding is just one important step in a sucession of important steps throughout our life, but I really want to get it right. For us.

I honestly can't decide at this point, and all I know is we will get married in 2012. I guess I just need some more time to think, OR maybe just some time to simply relax and soak it all in, which I didn't do after we got engaged. After a week I was in full wedding planning mode, racing to get that spring wedding I really believed I wanted. I kind of regret that now, since everything always seems to work out as it should.

Because of this, I am doing an about face, and soaking it all in is exactly what we are going to do this holiday season. We originally decided to not exchange any Christmas gifts, and I was really just trying to avoid Christmas. But we have changed our minds and decided to have a few small ones. What is life if you can't enjoy it?

FORMER BRIDES, I pose this question to you: Am I just having a case of the bride brain? even if, If you have planned or been to a destination wedding, please let me know your thoughts, or advice! 

So, with that being said, I hope to catch up on some much needed retail therapy (I raided the galleria this weekend, post coming soon!) and hopefully will wake up with the zest for wedding planning again around the New Year.



Curly Girl Confessions said...

Just came to your blog from Kristen's and I can tell you to slow down on the wedding planning. If it's beginning to take a toll on you then put it away for a bit! It's like finding the dress, you will definitely feel the right thing when you see it or when you mention the date. I planned a dear friend of mine's destination wedding and I have to tell you she had so much stress with that too. You have to deal with getting at minimum two families plus yourself and fiance to a location that no one really knows. Our friends wed in the Dominican and it definitely was beautiful and picturesque, but Tiff says to this day she mine as well should have had a local wedding with the costs and stress she dealt with on the destination wedding. I think it's all about you and your fiance right now! The perfect moment will come to you when you least expect it. Enjoy this engagement ride because believe me as someone that has been married for 7 goes by so quickly! Love your little blog, BTW.
Julie said...

Julie, thank you for the comment! I def took a step back after that post.. avoided anyone I knew that would question me (hehe, sneaky sneaky) and am finally back and ready to tackle it! It definitely helps that I have a week off to focus on it. Well thank you for stopping by!!

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