Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diet tips anyone???

So, why did I take a picture of some random girl running? no, I am not a creeper stalker type. but damn, it was 40 degrees and this skinny b*tch is running her itty bitty buns off. I thought to myself, dayum. I'm lazy!!! 

I keep talking about starting a diet / work-out plan but instead I find myself eating this:
 and this:
 hmmmmm and this:
and Of course this: 

  And playing wth red lipstick while photographing myself for no good reason at all:

So really, does anyone have any diet tips? Maybe a subtle supplement that helps kick start you so I can find some motivation?? I think if I can lose a few quick pounds it will help me get in the mood. OR should I just wait for the winter blahs to pass?? help!


DeeJay said...

Just came across your blog and I mist say, your adorable! :)
I am getting married in June and I have been trying to stay on the diet/workout plan. But after thanksgiving, it was just simply a lost cause. lol.
Now, Im back on track and starting up my diet again, but Im really in the need of a good workout plan. I dont know how those girls/guys get out there in freezing weather to run 5 miles. Personally I think we should have their brains checked for malfunctions. :P
Hope you have a great day!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

I find that if I don't "diet" but rather really portion control (Lots more veggies/fruits, less carb & a fist full of protein) at each meal, I see results and don't feel like crap. I also try to do at least 3 days of workouts, yoga, zumba, running, weights. Small meals & no snacks after dinner! PS I think you look fantastic in your pictures, but I know how you feel when you want to be in your best shape!

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