Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's moving day, save me please!!

Pardon my tardiness, did we just experience a major holiday?
Hmm I think I got kidnapped by Santa, who filled me up on too much eggnog, but I'm back now.. and guess what?? 

It's moving day! Oh. em. gee. I really loathe moving. It makes me feel like this:

I said please!! t doesn't help that its the 5th move between Matthew and I, one which involved me moving from Austin, TX to Houston, TX. Geesh. 

We are moving in with our parental units to save dough for the wedding, but we hope the next move will be into a house and save us from this Gypsy life, because really, I am getting way too old for this shizzz. 

Interestingly enough, well, long story short, we switched storage units. It was my wonderful fiance's idea, and it will save us some monies - so go figure. Lets do it. Well lemmee tell ya. It was some work!! And Matt is SUPPOSED to be in charge of the move, but he's limping his little self around so I think its time for she-woman to intervene. and guess what I'm gonna do?? CALL MOVERS. 

Oh I made some cool cupcakes for the holiday. See here:

its super simple: one bar of cream cheese, one bar of unsalted butter, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, and about 4.5 cups of powdered sugar. Then you use an electric mixer, and voila. I used a simple icing bag tool set (from Target) to make it look fancy.

I'm currently curled up with wedding magazines.  Wedding updates and NYE related posts to come soon!!

And that's all. Good night moon.

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