Monday, December 19, 2011

My Only Wish This Christmas!!

Pretty much all I really want is a wedding date!! I've been avoiding making a decision like the plague, because I'm pretty much the most indecisive person in America. Yup. But Mom, I"m having much more fun bloggin'! Wahhhhh!

Here are some pics of our work holiday party at Bella Elegante:

Mrs. Peters from Creatively Classy organized the whole party. She's being a lazy blogger but maybe I can encourage her to get on it!!

And Merry Christmas from Matthew and I! I hope you all got your shopping done and are ready for Christmas. We aren't buying too many gifts this year to save for the wedding, but next year will have to make up for it! Next year we will be 'The Cook's' and have to send Christmas cards and the whole nine yards. EEEEEEP. 

And here is a better picture of Mrs. Peters and I running the Jingle Run:

and that's all folks!

Love, MEEE!


Marci said...

I need a blog tutorial from you, you're so good at this! Hopefully next year I have more time :( love all your posts & progress so far! said...

Blog party soon!!

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