Saturday, December 3, 2011

Brit Celebrated her 30th in Houston, TX!!

It's Britney Bitch! I Can't believe she was ice skating down the street yesterday!! Holy Moly I'm stanning hard and kicking myself for missing it!!!  Anyhow big Happy Birthday to my favorite pop star EVER, Ms. Britney Spears.  She was recently in Houston, Texas doing a little shoppy shopping see here:

UGHHHH I can't believe I missed my change to see the queen in person. But really, I'm not a stalker fan so moving on.

 This is pretty much when I became a super fan of the Spears, and where she invented the Hair Whip

This is a leaked Demo called "let go" recorded by Britney around her Divorce from K-FAT. I love it to pieces and nobody ever sees the soft side of Ms. Spears.

and some fun pictures of attending her most recent concert Femme Fatale with my girls!!! (Thanks Stan)
 Emily Marci and I
Floor Tix!!

 the only time I will wear a fedora
My fave song

HATERS TO THE LEFT - This B*tch is flawless.
And that's all folks! I had too much tequila last night and am feeling like poo. Have a good weekend!


kristen said...

I LOVE the shirt and YOU!!!

And I laughed when I opened your blog to see Britney! hahaha

Farrah said...

Thanks for sharing, Tessie!

09 10