Tuesday, February 7, 2012

hmm... whatcha say?

Hellllooooooooo. I am still here. I am being a lazy blogger but I *promise* I am not being lazy in any other parts of my life. I finally, FINALLY put my save the dates in the mail today. At 5:57 pm to be exact. 

I keep talking about this topic but really, this DIY project turned into quite the task, and no more DIY for moi until day-of-wedding decor.

Lord knows I love me some DIY, but I am TAPPED OUT at the moment.
I booked my photographer finally, my florist, two hotel blocks, semi-picked my invitations, and worked out the guest list!!!

and have to work on my wedding website. Dear goodness I've blogged about my entire wedding and now I have to create a website??

and we're planning a huge event at work in the Chicago area, which I can't wait to tell you about! and can't wait to see some darn snow.

and I'm supposed to start Crossfit, some super intenso workout thing.

Have I exhausted you already?? I shall return soon a cooler, much saner version of myself soon!! Which, I'm planning a new design for this blog, a cool love story link-up, and hopefully my own give-away soon!

That's it for now. 



Carly Ann said...

Um, we just finished my sisters Save the Dates... only took us TWO MONTHS. And CrossFit will definitely get you that perfect wedding body everybody dreams of, I hear it's super hardcore!

AModernSuburbanitesLife.com said...

I really had no idea it would take THAT long!! What kind of save the dates did y'all make? Can I find them on your blog?

Jessi said...

LOVE the save the date! And the blog.....I've been meaning to tell you! :) So excited for you & Matt!

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