Monday, February 20, 2012

Get winter items on super sale!

I am heading to the "Windy City" for a work event, and I really really really hope for three things to happen:
2. I dont freeze my buns off too bad
3. I see some snow!!
(This southern girl rarely gets a glimpse)

So naturally -I have to hit the malls! prepare myself for this cold place.
I booked it to the outlets with Mateo, and picked up most of my pieces from Banana and Ann Taylor.
I never really diverge too far from these two for work clothes.
Everything was uber cheap! Check it out:

I got this second jacket for $40 and 3 heavy sweaters for $15 a piece. Go gettcha some gurrls. 

Hopefully I'll have a cool recap!!

In regards to the weekend, well it pretty much sucked. I had to run errands, errands, errands. Super boring. BUT I did fall in love with Instagram, and get to see my girl Net for some wine to zen my brain out.

Here is another engagement pic instagram style:

and WINE!

Hook up with me on Instagram, my name is Tessytessio. It's so much fun!

And that's all for now! Kristen will be guest posting on Tuesday, and then I will be back for some birfday madness. I'm feeling a little strange about my birthday this year.. but we'll chat about that later. I will say, I am ready to knock out wedding stuff, work stuff, and PARTY.

Peace out til Wednesday homies!!

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Marci said...

yay so glad you are on instagram! :) Have a safe trip!

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