Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Emily asked me to be a Bridesmaid

I was having a moment yesterday and Kristen took care of me. I'm wearing her cute yellow top and am already getting compliments. lol. Anyhow time tackle the day. Today's topic De Juor - wedding DIY!!!

SO I said no more DIY projects, but here is another cute idea on how to ask your bridesmaids
-BUT NOT by me - by Emily!

It was the cutest box ever! take a look at the contents inside:

pictures, lipgloss earrings

A card from Etsy

and a picture from a Brit Brit concert of course! (no we don't know that chick in the middle)

I am going to post my Save the Date tomorrow!!

Thats all!


Emily said...

Thanks love! I can't wait. By the way when are we going to another Brit Brit concert?

Natalie said...

YAY!!! Best bridesmaids in town!! WE GONNA SHUT IT DOWN!

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