Monday, February 27, 2012

Birfday Recap! 26 on the 26th

Hi there! So I'm a lil' sick..which is super boo boo..I'm super snotty girl sniffling all over the place, so let's get to it before my sudafed pm knocks this pooped out girl to bed! 

The good news: My birthday was so much fun! I'm truly a dork for having my mini-meltdown.
On Friday Matthew and I met my dad and stepmom at the rodeo cook-off (basically a huge bbq party in Houston)! I was so happy to see my dad, he's usually working all over the world so I was extra happy to see him for the weekend.

and check out my neon cowgirl get-up on the cheap!!
 Shirt: Forever 21 - $14.80
Lime/Yellow tank underneath: Forever 21 - $4.80
Jeans: Easy Money Jean Company ~$60

My dad

On Saturday we went to the mall, I fell in love with this skirt but they didnt have it my size!
I was pretty ticked! but ended up wearing my blue dress again.

Then we went to eat sushi at a dive:

 Net got me the cutest little bag of goodies from Francescas:
Add a scarf, and the cutest light blue/green earrings. Love her to pieces!

Then we headed over to Wonder Bar.
All my loves were there and I even got to see some really old friends which rocked.
Dress: Francesca's $45.00
I got some other goodies, inlcuding this random penguin from Krazy Kristen! 
but most importantly, we all got tanked!  
It's Monday and I'm still dragging. Haha. 
Helloooo (almost) late twenties.
I was nursing a major hangover on Sunday:

But made it over to see my mom and have din din with Mateo's parentals. 
I was also missing these guys in Austin, but I'll see them soon:

and that's all. I'm watching the bachelor and these people are so SILLY!
Can't wait to read recaps tomorrow!

PS. I am trying to add all this technical blogger stuff but having some trouble, I'll get to it soon!
Deuce, deuce.


Valerie Griffin said...

love that dress!!

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I seriously went to the mall on sat to buy that exact same skirt but couldn't find it I was so mad! Thats hilarious we almost bought the same thing & wore on the same day lol

Lynette said...

You. Posted. My. Wasted. Face. Pic. #picturefail haha SUCH a good time on Sat! So glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend with many lovies. Love you to pieces!

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