Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lets Chat Wedding Attire

Hello Ladies!!

While Tess is off playing in the cold in Chicago, youre stuck with me today!!

Im Kristen, you may know me from my little blog All In My Twenties!

Tess and I met last year. We immediately became the best of friends and have been talking blog world and nail polish ever since!! I mean I am a pretty cute Tucan, how could she NOT love me?!

Today we are talking wedding season. Or more importantly wedding season attire! FOR ME!

One of my absolute favorite things about Christopher (that's my Boo) is his friends.... actually, their girlfriends. I am SO LUCKY to have been blessed with great girlfriends through these boys. Well as God would have it a couple of them are getting married this Spring. And this ladies, makes me more excited than a 40% off sale at the Michael Kors Outlet. Shizz puts me on cloud 9! I LOVE any and everything weddings!

Miss Tess is marrying Chrisopher's friend Matt this May and we get to have a beach weekend getaway! THANK YOU JESUS! So as I am patiently awaiting this wedding I have been preparing for her big day aka scouring the internet for the perfect attire. There are showers, a bachelorette party and a wedding to shop for!

So this is what Im thinkin!

I love these two dresses with boots or cute heels for shower dresses!!

Potential Bachelorette Party Dress...

Reherasal Dinner Dress... I love this for a beach wedding!

And my absolute FAVORITE... The Wedding Day Dress..

To say the least Im so excited for dress shopping this Spring!! If you are attending weddings this Spring/Summer you have to stop by Red Dress Boutique and The Blue Door Boutique. These are my absolute favorite dress boutiques and you will love them too. You can thank me later.

Im also in LOVE with these hair styles!


I would hide those bobbies, but clearly Im into this braided LOVE!

And while sporting these precious ensembles, you can bet your sweet ass that there will be plenties of these...

While enjoying plenty of this...

May I CANNOT WAIT for your arrival!!

Enough wedding dreaming, this girl has to get back to work!! 



Marci said...

Ahhhh I love all of your outfit picks. I think we might be long lost twins lol. Great choices! I can't wait to finally meet you in person, Kristen! Tess has told me so much about you :) Loved your post today!

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