Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the airr! and some DIY valentine's nails

Popping in real quick at lunchtime.. a girls gotta eat.. and get her bloggy blog on!
Happy Valentines Day to all! You are all lovely and deserving of a great day J I love all the little sweet random notes of appreciation you receive.. like this one from our boss: 

She’s so sweet! They were girl scout cookies from her daughters troop:

And the most exciting part..NAILS! Check out Lynette’s cool valentines nails.. they looked easy enough with the Sally’s stick on’s.

And here is my crazy rendition of valentine’s nails. Its essie Turquoise and Caicos.. which is way more teal than mint ..whoops! Kind of a fail... but here’s my cute little heart that Lindsey paintd on..

We used this to create the heart, which I bought at wally world:

And do not forget your top coat ladies!! It fixes everything.

I have so more nail stuff I want to show you but I really gotta run.. so many things to do and so little time! Like booking a movie ticket at the last minute on the busiest day in a city of 4 million people. YIKES! Happy Valentine’s day to my blogger friends!!



Lynette said...

Dang I wish my boss got me something! That is super sweet! I got a mini Butterfinger thrown on my desk with a "happy vday" mumble lol Oh how I felt the love!

Marci said...

haha Lynette you crack me up. I have some "xoxo" stick ons that I was planning on putting on for today but I baked instead :( Love the heart!!

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