Sunday, February 12, 2012

Part 3: Creating our Our Save the Date

I gotta get this out of the way, so I can finally stop rambling about it! Here is our Save the date, and a little bit of why this project was fun, but also a royal pain in my ass :)

This was the original direction we were heading (super rough draft don't judge)

But Matt hated the picture. So, as much as I liked it I felt pretty terrible putting out a picture he hated.
I just liked the beach and the poles!

I was trying so hard to make a beach picture work, but it just, well wasn't workin'
So we started over.

Lindsey probably wanted to strangle me when I told her I wanted to start from scratch with a new picture.

Lindsey made me pick out my font from since I kept saying I wanted this and that but she really had no idea what I was talking about. Probably because I making it up!

Then I realized I really wanted to incorporate burlap to frame the picture.

We thought we we're done, but then the font wouldn't embed. GAH!

So picked another font - which I ended up liking better:
Better right? Well then we went to print annnddd more problems. But we solved them.

And then I mailed them.

add a few visits to papersource and THE END :)
p.s. the new 'LOVE' stamps from the post office are adorbs.

OH here is the back:

After it was all done, it was our first piece of 'wedding mail' which felt..sorta monumental? Like we hit a big milestone of sorts. It still really hasn't sunk in that we are getting married in 3 months.
Maybe because everything is moving so fast? hmm.

Well, I slowed down for a second and took a few pics to commemorate the moment.
The skyline just felt more beautiful than usual:

In other news, I love February for so many reasons, one of those being its my Birfday month!!
Jajajaja :) Be back soon, toodles.


Valerie Griffin said...

very cute!

Amanda Nicole said...

Wow! Those are perfect! What a gorgeous couple you two are!! said...

thanks ladies, its amazing what professional photogs can do!

Emily said...

I agree. The save the dates are absolutely adorable! Might need some help after your wedding!

Marci said...

great job Tessa!!! I am still waiting for mine in the mail. Love all of the hearts :) said...

Emmy I'm all yours!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love the STD!

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