Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top Chef Texas Finale Tonight! and the Windy City Recap

So I never gave you guys a Chicago Recap – I came home and went straight in to birthday mode. I freaking loved the city. I window shopped like crazy.

And finally had an excuse to wear this cool hat I bought 2 years ago:

I bought some fancy exfoliant, but was mostly worked to death.

Our event that helped put together revolved around Sarah Grueneberg,  a Houston-based chef who now lives in Chicago and has made it to the final two on Texas Top Chef. She was so sweet, and not diva-ish at all, and cooked some delish food. Check out my super blurryphoto op with her!

And tune in to see her tonight to see if she wins the whole thing!

So in wedding land, I tried to buy my invitations last night, and it was a big FAT fail. I'll talk more about it later! 

Love y'all! 

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