Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Pinteresting: Wedding Decor Revealed!

This is my second to last wedding post. I am pretty sure I am excited to finally be done with wedding recaps. I don't know why I feel like I have to recap it, but it sort of feels those last 15 thank-you notes I still need to write. Eeep. Sorry if you are one of those people!

But its time to be newlyweds, and enjoy our house and focus on all the things we want to do, like travel, decorate our house. ect, ect. ect. I also loathe not blogging in real time, so I am pretty excited to take this blog out of it's original 'wedding blog' space. This is already starting to sound like my last wedding post, but fear not - I have one more. I mean come on I know you aren't sick of my wedding already, right??

Read this post first, if you think I merged the two concepts :)
Overall, while looking back at original post about how pinterest inspired me, I kept the light peach and softened my blues. I switched out burlap with linen, because burlap is rustic and linen is beachy, and stuck with bucket centerpieces and lanterns for the nautical effect. All details are at the bottom. Enjoy!

Our wedding favors

[which I feel became decor somehow. It just added to our 'beachy / nautical theme' when people wore the glasses throughout.]

Our Flowers / Bucket Centerpieces / Linen runners / Lanterns

Craft Frames with linen and printables
[font - jenna sue]

dolphin ice sculpture

Our Cake and Cake Pops by Julies Cakes

And that's it I think. I went super crazy on being crafty, but I wish I had done more! This was by far my favorite part of the wedding that I wished I had spend more time and dinero on. If you care to know the details, I put them below!

  • Runners -We custom ordered the linen from JoAnn's fabric, and my sister sewed one stitch on 16 pieces of fabric. Then we peeled string by string from the stitch outwards get the frayed 'beach effect.'
  • Centerpieces - We primed and spray painted the buckets, then sanded them to get a 'beach wash.' all buckets and silver vases were purchased from save-on-crafts.com. Our lantern additions were purchased from exclusivelyweddings.com which was significantly cheaper than Michael's.
  • Flowers - I chose dusty miller (the gray leaf) wheat and thistle to complement the standard roses and carnations. I felt the dusty miller gave the bouquets a washed out muted look, which was the modern element I wanted. I had seen it in so many modern floral arrangements. Paired with the thistle and wheat, It completed the soft, wildflower look I wanted. My only complaint is the dusty miller 'fell' early. I am sure there is a way to prevent that, and if you are interested in dusty miller I'd just ask about that ahead of time. Our flowers were done by J Maisel's Florist in Galveston and I was extremely pleased with them. they were one of my top vendors for sure.
  • Frames- All frames were painted with interior paint, and purchased from Michael's, except two white ones that we left as is. The interior paint started chipping, then we decided it looked 'distressed' and beachy. Then we started sanding other items to follow suit. Printables included "Just Married" "Thank You" 'Mr." "Mrs" "Eats" "Treats" "Drinks" and were created by Miss Kristen herself!
  • Cake - Cake pop stands were purchased from Michaels, and also painted with the interior paint of the frames. I chose a lemon cake with tiny fondant pieces to create an 'ombre' inspired cake. I opted to use three colors from our color scheme, instead of going ombre like I originally planned. The cake pops helped cut cost, since the intricate cake was $$$$.
Love love,


Kelly B. said...

bah, I LOVE the soft colors. I think the thing I struggled with in setting my theme was that I liked SO MANY. Like you said with your "top 2" ... if I could have a rustic wedding, a soft/beachy wedding (like yours) a modern contemporary wedding, I would have ALL of them!

I squealed when I saw the burlap sign- I JUST posted today about my DIYing 2 burlap signs for my wedding next year! haha

Carolyn said...

LOVE! Every single detail is perfect! LOVE! :)

Sarah Grace said...

super cute!!! i love the details. you did a great job!

so glad i found your blog through the OSP link up!

xoxo, sarah grace

Nicholl Vincent said...

love the colors!

Have a wonderful day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

Hilary said...

I LOVE your cakes!! And I also love me some Jenna Sue font ;)

Anonymous said...

hi there! newest follower to your adorable blog! OMG- your wedding was perfection!!!!! LOVE all of the amazing details. so awesome. cant wait to read more!

Nicole Rene said...

Loooooove the centerpieces & that wedding cake is adorable!!!!

Julie Merryman said...

Oh my gosh, SO gorgeous. I'm in love with all of it!

Casey said...

I loved this post so much, I included it in my bi-weekly series: Lots of Link Love!

I'd love if you came and checked it out, and please feel free to share with your readers as well!



Erin said...

Beautiful I love it! So sweet and simple and vintagey and pretty. You rocked it. Love the sunglasses!

Frances said...

loved all of these details. the colors are beautiful together!!!!!! such a cute favor idea too!!! sooo wish I thought of that :)

MAC said...

Hi Tessy its awesome decoration and all the pictures are great...... god bless u

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Pamela said...

GORGEOUS! Love d your cake!

james john said...

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