Friday, August 16, 2013

Converting a Buffet to a Media Unit

Hello and Happy Friday! I'm back from California and catching up on sleep. This post isn't related to my recent trip, but I've been wanting to share this for a couple weeks, so here it is! Our 6 month furniture search has come to an end!

Matthew and I are both bargain shoppers, so finding the perfect piece for under our TV was taking forever.  It was so hard to pull the trigger because we really wanted a buffet piece that we would to convert into a media unit. We also have a distinct theme going on in our open living/dining/kitchen space (Which is very navy and reclaimed wood-ish). Well I finally found something I loved at HomeGoods, and within 5 minutes of seeing it I was telling the salespeople to take it off the floor!

HomeGoods put it on a paid hold, so I had seven days to pick it up, and could return it just as easily. I told Matt if he hated it we could take it back, but we were buying this piece and testing it out no matter what! 

Now onto the conversion process, you need this huge drill bit specifically for drilling the perfect hole. Which we borrowed from our neighbors. 

Voila! We finally have the missing piece to our living room. 

Now, time to tackle the walls and add shelves around it.  Has anybody else used a buffet piece for a media unit? Have a good weekend everybody! 

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