Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things I love about the Airport

I said I wasn't a morning person, but I'm sitting at the airport so I thought I'd give the ol' morning post a try. 

As I was sitting at said airport, I started thinking, I really like airports. And here's why: 

1. Hands down, It's the best people watching.  It's like the Serengeti; all types of people. Big ones, small ones, purple ones, tall ones. Not to go all Dr. Suess on ya, but I always find myself trying to figure out where people are going, and what their life might be like. Weird - I know. 

2. It's one of the few places that strolling in in comfy clothes and little makeup is totally allowed. I never look cute at the airport! And I like it! 

3. Naps for adults are totally acceptable. Even in weird places and awkward positions. I'm a total head-on-the-tray sleeper! 

4. You don't have to small talk - unlike everywhere else in life. And Hey! A total stranger might tell you their interesting life story. 

5. Perks from airline credit cards. And Wifi on a plane. Totallyyyy cool. 

I could go on and on, I really love traveling. I'd really love to hear what your favorite traveling habits are!  Happy Tuesday everyone! 



Nini Kat said...

having a drink at 9am is totally allowed at the airport! I've been up since 4am, I need it and I won't be judged ;)

Whitney said...

I love airports, but I HATE flying. I'd much rather just teleport, haha.

Ashley said...

I seriously love the airport! Endless Coffee, magazines, the hussel and bussel. love.it.all.

AJ said...

I love traveling. I love everything from airports to hotels :)

People think I'm crazy so its awesome that you like airports too!

AJ | www.TheAJMinutecom

Diana Horsfall said...

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