Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travel: If you're ever in Southern California ...

Do make it to Balboa island in Newport beach... It was the cutest little island I ever did see. It was right next to the marina, and had so many cute bungalows and shops.  


Because my dad's side of the family is from Trinidad, all the women get nicknamed "island girl." It's one of my favorite nicknames (besides "cakes" from Matthew) so I died when I saw this shop.  If it wasnt filled with children's clothes, I would have been all over it!! 

But I did score this mug at another shop called "the heart of the island." So I was happy. This mug is one of my favorites so far!

Also - do not miss out on a "lookey loo" spot a bit further south, called Javier's. It's down the highway and had the best Cali-Mex.  It was quintessential "OC," and the enchiladas were to die for. 

Over and out - T 

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Jamie said...

I love balboa! I'm from Orange County so I've been a million times!

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