Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The last time we talked...

I was heading to New York, but to be completely honest I didn't really like that place. But that's ok, because I'm heading to California next week.  And drinking sleepy time tea in my California mug. 

Take that New York. 

Totally random, my new favorite thing is drinking out of mugs I feel are relevant to something current. I didn't even buy a New York coffee mug, convincing me further that I never really liked that place. Anybody ever do a mug swap? I feel like that would be really fun. 

Anywhodoodle. I just booked our FIRST big vacation since our Honeymoon. We are headed to Costa Rica!!!! We're gonna love on all the little baby monkeys, go chill by a volcano and generally pretend we are on the national geographic channel. I'm gonna get so many bug bites, and it's gonna be awesomesauce. Costa Rica or bust my friends. Time for an adventure! And that's all for now, because I'm a particularly ramblesome mood. 

 - Tessy 


Sarah Hughes said...

Costa Rica is amazing. I have been there twice! Let me know if you want any ideas of where to go/what to do :)

Carolyn said...

COSTA RICA?!?! Jealous! That place is GORGEOUS! :)

Kasey Lynne said...

I'm so late in reading this post, but California is WAY better than New York...and I've never even been to New York. :D

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