Thursday, May 22, 2014

Before the baby list

Before the baby list
  I know this list will change and morph, but here are some of the crazy things consuming all my time and swirling in my pregnant, scattered brain! 

updated 7/30

Ahem - name her. This is pretty important. It seems we are down to his favorite and my favorite, and now at a stand still. 
Order name sign - I know what I want, just gotta find it. I can't wait for a name decision so I can order it!
finalize shower lists and dates  I am so excited for showers! 
Empty upstairs guest room
Empty downstairs guest room
Put upstairs guest room items into downstairs guest room
Paint room
Order wall paper
research how to put wall paper up ... this is going to be interesting
Put wall paper up
Paint nursery dresser, order new knobs order 6 more in 3 inch
Order crib - I've been searching but nothing has really caught my eye just yet.
Register at buy buy baby - halfway done, I just need to add a lot of things online once I double check baby’s r us and amazon to make sure there aren’t cheaper options out there.
Register at baby’s r us - going here for more practical items
Do registry research
Find Crib bedding- “don’t do custom, don’t do custom” is what I am telling myself. 
Sell Altima- almost, almost done this task! gah. notaries + sending scanned documents back and forth = my lord it's almost done! 
Paint master
Get master headboard, night stands, dresser,
get full length mirror, new bath mats
Hang master curtains
paint hutch
get different fabric for cornice boards
Confirm pediatrician- we got some good recs, just need to seal the deal!
Fill out FMLA paperwork - eek. This is crazy to me! I am less than 100 days out
Go on hospital tour
Order pump. You can now get these for free through your insurance! (have to wait til july 28)
Sign up for short term disability! I figured some things out this week, and I'll will be paid for 80% of my leave. I'm super excited and proud of myself for this! 
Start squatting in hopes of a manageable delivery! 
Take better bump pics with DSLR 
Book maternity pics!! 
Take maternity pics
plan out maternity shoot
thank you cards from shower
read babywise - 30% done. I swear this book puts me to sleep after 5 pages.
read baby name wizard
get maid and in a routine - I am almost comfortable enough to let a stranger in my house. and have a few recs.
baby shower dress
reconcile registries, edit out duplicates
look for curtains, shelves, accessories and prints
pick rocker
hostess gifts 
hostess gifts again
find diaper bag
pack hospital bag and diaper bag
research daycare, book tours
pick daycare 
print pictures and hang around house
deep clean and organize house
set up swings, etc!  we've started this and it's so much fun!

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Curly Girl Confessions said...

Great list! I would add get your house deep cleaned prior to her arrival. Also, just an FYI, you cannot order your breast pump until you give birth. I recommend renting one from the hospital or from Babies R US then ordering one the day after you give birth. They come reasonably quickly so you don't have to wait too long!

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