Monday, May 19, 2014

Galveston Weekend

This past weekend, the weekend before Memorial Day, will always be super special to me. The weather is great, summer is around the corner, and it's the weekend we said "I do!" If you like to stalk wedding posts, I gots lots of em'!

To celebrate we headed south to Galveston, where we got married if you are new around here, and soaked up the sun and lots of family time. I'm so grateful for our marriage, and for this time as the clock counts down to becoming parents! #nopressure

Some scenes from the weekend!
bump and lola
sunning on the dock
hot dogs just the way I like em'
matthew and colbs paddleboarding

Steph and Grey Grey paddleboarding

Matt fished on kayak, we caught crabs, ran around the neighborhood in a golf cart, met my dad at the beach and soaked in a perfect weather weekend. We'll be back at it this Memorial day weekend, and I can not wait.

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Carolyn said...

Happy anniversary!!!

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