Thursday, May 22, 2014

25 & 26 Weeks Prego!

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby size: I was measuring a week behind at the Dr. during week 25 because I am carry low. We'll see what little miss has been doing at my next appointment in about 2 weeks. 

Weight gain: Sooo I have been calculating this based on what I thought my pre-pregnancy weight was, not per the Dr. So, per the Dr. I've gained 13 lbs. "I think" I've gained 18 lbs. 

Stretch marks: nope. and I've gotten much better at applying bio oil lately.

Mood: happy! excited!

Wedding ring: it's still on. feeling snug.

Belly button:  very much in. 

Sleep: ehhhh. getting a little weird lately. I set up all my pillows and finally get comfy, then bam its time to get up and go to the restroom! still not terrible tho. 

Gender: a little girl!

Movement:  SO much movement! 
Best moment this week: Definitely our 2 year anniversary. Matt and I went to Reef restaurant, he got me a silk robe to fit the cotton theme of 2 years, and it was a perfect date night. To add, I felt her near my belly button, meaning she moved up, and my belly really popped! I never want to forget that day because it was so sweet, anddd she also got off my bladder. That a was a major plus!

Looking forward to: Memorial Day Weekend in Galveston with family, Baby showers, and getting everything done! I'm so excited to accomplish things right now, especially when I can cross things off my list. I also took a really close look at my time off, and I will get paid roughly 80% of my paycheck while I am off. This makes me so happy and reduces so much stress for my leave. OH and I ordered a crap ton of maternity clothes from! 

Food cravings: anything high in protein. eggs, avocados, hamburgers, protein cereal, fish. anything jalapeno flavored. and add a dash of biscuits 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope! and it feels glorious!

Labor Signs: heck no. 

What I miss: wine and cute clothes. did I mention wine?

Symptoms: nothing crazy, except my feet grew! a dash of tailbone pain, and having trouble getting up from sitting or laying down! I do this weird rollover shimmy thang to get up. lol. 

Workouts: does squatting to pick something up count?? haha. I have been walking a lot and generally been active with all my errands and my three flights of stairs, unfortunately no workouts. I do want to start squatting a lot soon. 

Random things: I am obsessed with two-inch heels. Flats hurt my lower back. 

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