Friday, May 9, 2014

The Bumpty Dance, here's your chance to do the Bump!

I've survived the last two weeks! Hip hip hooray! We got a lot done in House and babyland last weekend - thank goodness for my family for coming over to help - and I'm taking a breather this week/weekend. I now have a baby shower date, and decided on a nursery 'theme' which I'd call garden. Lots of floral, pink, teal and gold!

How far along: 24 weeks

Baby size: 1.5 lbs they say!

Weight gain: I haven’t weighed myself since Sunday, but as of then I was at 15 lbs. I am focusing on gradual growth, and protein the upcoming week. I did really well with this in week 22, but week 23 was a doozy. I was so busy with work and life, but It’s time to get healthier again.

Stretch marks: no, and still slacking on applying bio oil. It’s just so messy, and has stained my granite a time or two.  I also go back and forth between thinking it’s hereditary to thinking I should stretch and use bio oil religiously to help.

Mood: Kinda wonky. I feel so out of control about what’s happening to me. And I’m kind of a control freak so this is hard.  The crying for no reason is really embarrassing! 

Sleep: getting lots of it, but waking up extra early. And I’m peppy too. #whoami???

Gender: Little Miss C! still no name. Matt and I have SUCH different taste and I'm getting worried! 

Movement:  Yuppers. She’s very low and I can finally see it, which always makes me excited! I always make up her internal dialogue as if she has thoughts already, which hey, maybe she does.  I imagine she’s thinking mommy feed me, Mommy be quiet, or Mommy get up when she kicks. Oh the things that entertain me these days! 
Best moment this week: Being able to relax since we’ve painted the nursery and master bedroom, and generally accomplished a lot in the house. I’m also done with huge work events, so a Big Bang Theory marathon has been happening for three days straight in the Cook household!

Looking forward to: Registering this weekend with my mommy! I’ve done a lot of research, have a direction for the nursery now so I am ready! My dad and Matthew's mom have been asking us about furniture items and I'm like uhhhhh. No clue yet! I'm ready to get that settled. Also seeing some friends on Saturday, AND Mother's day celebrations on Sunday! 

Food cravings: cinnamon roll monster right here!

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope! I have been off Zofran for about a week and a half!  

Labor Signs: nope.

What I miss: being able to move quickly and easily lol.

Symptoms: just a lot of back pain and tailbone pain if I walk / do too much. 

Workouts: none in week 23/24. But I walked OTC all day Tuesday, and up and down our three stories allllll weekend long when we were painting. My thighs were seriously on fire many a time. 

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Emily said...

you look great!

Carolyn said...

You look SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And yummy cinnamon rolls!

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