Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eloping anyone?

Goodness gracious. I'm pretty stressed, which I think it dawned on me yesterday that zig zagging between stress and excitement is the norm. stress. excitement, excitement, excitement.stress again!

EXCITEMENT!: Matt and I found the Catholic Church of our dreams in Galveston, TX. Its completely white with an old European look. Its breathe-taking.

STRESS:  they wont answer the phone!!! do they have a phone? Hmmm. We think they do but the number on the internet is wrong. Then you are lead to two affiliated churches, who then just tell you, this isn't Sacred Heart, you've arrived at the wrong place. We've tried so many different things, and I think we might finally get a hold of Father Stein tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

EXCITEMENT: I found a wedding dress that I am absolutely in love with and has my name written on it.

STRESS: um.. can we say out of budget??? uh. yea. whoopsieeee

Then there is the reception venue debacle which I won't even touch on because it gives me a headache.

and thats my life in a nutshell right now. I really want to write about something other than wedding, but literally, its all I think about. I have to force my poor brain with all my will power to stop spinning around and around with wedding ideas, or even process daily life tasks like making it to the dry cleaners.

Am I crazy? Pathetic?Alright I'm out.

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Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I woud be the EXACT SAME!!!

And youre NOT eloping because I LOVES WEDDINGS!!!!!

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