Monday, November 14, 2011

A sweetheart wedding dress: cupcake edition

 Well helloooooooooooo.
I took a little hiatus, last week came brought on a few challenges, so this post is long overdue. I gotta say, how does everyone feel about the time change?!? It was awesome at first because we got an extra hour of sleep, but now its just dark. haha. Such is life, the grass is always greener.

Alright! now on to what I really came here to gab about.  Last week I asked (most of) my bridesmaids, with hand-delivered cupcakes that looked like wedding dresses. It was pinterest inspired of course! I saw the cupcakes and just knew I wanted to use them at some point in my wedding planning process. After I asked my sister to be my Matron of Honor, (I had to ask her first, duh! ..see how I asked here) I very impulsively asked her if she could replicate the pinterest cupcakes. So we headed to Michael's to see what we could accomplish. We made the cupcakes first, obviously. I think we used Pilsbury white cupcakes. Here is how the hard part went:

Pearl sprinkles to make the necklace above the dress from Michael's

 We used a regular ol' cup to cut out a circle out of the fondant and a heart shape cookie cutter to create a sweetheart dress line. First roll the fondant out, then use the cup to cut a circle.We used tweezers to place the pearls in the appropriate place.

I placed them in a whie box from Michaels, for $1.29 a piece. EASY! We wrapped them in Tulle for that Bridal Touch. 

Then I placed little notes I printed out in the box, and voila! I delivered them. I delivered them in so many different ways. I woke people up and asked them to meet me on their driveway, dropped off them on doorsteps, had my sister deliver one disguised as 'dropping off a dress I borrowed.'

I really had a blast giving them to my dearest friends. It was so flipping exciting. Asking someone to participate in countless events and spend money on you.... is hard for someone like me that hates to ask for things. So I had to do something to make myself feel better! I couldn't have seen myself asking in any other way, and I'm so incredibly stoked to have my best friends in my bridal party. Now if I could only find a date.... you girls may get off easy! I keed I keed. Thank you Emily, Anne Marie, Stephanie, Julie, Jessie and Lynette for graciously accepting my cupcakes. I'll never forget it!

A big thanks to my sister, she really whipped these up in so little time. I have tried to convince her a million times to start her own wedding cake business, and she insists that brides are just too hard to please. Maybe after I'm married she will change her mind, she's practically planning my wedding anyway! :)

I will write about my quest to find the real wedding dress soon... :)


Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

They are so cute Tess!! Im sure your bridesmaids LOVED them!! said...

youre my only fan Kristen! haha.

Lynette said...

i loved it! almost as much as i love you. :)

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