Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Holidays! & a mini blog break

SO I Just started blogging and I'm already taking a break?!? hahah this B is le tireddddd.

JK.  I plan to come back with a new design and a cool banner, and then I can write down all my scatterbrained thoughts after I stop looking at this fug bookshelf background.  I do hope to scope out a deal on boots this Friday, and thats sums up my participation in the shopping craze this week! *I hope* my shopaholic tendencies dont get the best of me!

I was also thinking of my christmas list and here goes:

  • new boots

  • iPhone 4S

  • a few new make-up items

  • a few items in winter white

to lose 10 lbs.

thats not so bad right??? Alright Toodles, in a few hours I'll be heading out to Cypress for some family time! Have a good turkey day everyone! And a special turkey day to Emily Mazey, her parents are meeting her fiance's parents for the first time tomorrow!

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