Monday, November 21, 2011

Jam-packed weekend

So what a jam-packed weekend it was! We went to Amanda and Rodney’s wedding on Saturday, and they had the most gorgeous service at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.  Amanda’s middle name is Rose, so of course it’s her favorite flower, and the reception hall was absolutely decked out in red roses. 

You can read her wedding announcement in the Houston Chronicle here, and check out Marci’s blog (her matron of honor) for a more detailed account.

Big Congrats to Amanda and Rodney, they are off to Antigua by now…those lucky ducks. I have to say I had a little wardrobe meltdown before heading to the church, I didn’t want to spend $$ on anything new since we have to save money ect. But it all worked out.

On Sunday, the Texans had a bye week – and we just lounged around to take advantage of the day. We then got ready for Miss Jamie’s Thanksgiving Feast, and holy crap there was so much food, And people! girl knows how to throw a partay!!

Here’s some pics of the food:

Then I went to See Breaking Dawn with Chris and Kristen. I begged matt to come, and was a little upset that he wouldn’t budge. I told him I watch countless football games with him, but still, he would not budge. I was little sad as I realized we aren’t dating anymore and I can no longer easily talk him into sappy chick flicks.

 BUT – after about 20 minutes into the movie, I was like phew good thing he isn’t here bc he would kill me!!! It was sooooooooo cheesy. I think I felt awkward like 50% of the movie. So yea girls, DO NOT take your man to see Twilight. I know it sounds cute, but it really is just not a good idea.

And that’s a wrap! Hope everyone is in a good holiday mood. I plan to blog about my girl Brit Brit and all her South American Adventures. And hopefully we’ll have a wedding date soon!!


Lynette said...

Tyler is coming to see twilight with me. We are still dating so I guess it's acceptable? ha!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

When I look at that turkey all I see is poop.

Chris will never forgive me for the movie! hahah!! Good thing Cook didnt come!!

I like the polish!

The end!

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