Sunday, November 6, 2011

Asking My Matron of Honor

This was a big weekend in wedding land.  I came to Austin to dress and venue shop with my sister, and I knew I had to find a cute way to ask her to be my Matron of Honor.  My wonderful co-worker Lindsey mentioned how she designed hand-made coloring books for the kids at her wedding reception, and the lightbulb went off: I should have my niece color the question! She's my future flower girl so I figured I'd put her to work! I keed, I keed. 

Here a some pics of her coloring:
and my sister, we look nothing alike:
The whole process didn't go as planned (of course it didn't). 
I tasked my bro-in-law with having Ceci color the page, and after a long day we walked in to my niece coloring. Rob says "uh, she's coloring it right now," and My sister was like "huh, coloring what?" 

Pretty much bombed the suprise! 
But my sister looked at it, was confused initially, then started cracking up and whispered to Ceci to tell me 'yes.'  Ceci then got shy and ran away, which was pretty hilarious in itself. She definitely had no clue what was going on, but I think it will be such a great story to tell Cecily when she is older.

Overall this weekend was a success! I have a matron of honor, ate Maudie's twice, and saw the kids. I was super exhausted after it all, and then we got an extra hour of sleep to fix it!

A big, big thanks to Mrs. Lindsey Peters, you can read her blog post about creating the coloring page here.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Your niece is so cute!! I love this!!!

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