Sunday, November 20, 2011

When Pinterest to real life doesn't work out

Happy Sunday to all! It has been a great weekend I will blog a little later about the action packed weekend.

So, I have had fallen for the new matte nail polish look... in pictures. I found it on pinterest of course. See Exhibit A below:

then I try to re-create  the look myself... not so good looking. haha. See Exhibit B:

I realize that half the problem is the lack of a fancy camera with a staged photo shoot out of a marie claire magazine. Anyhow, I used Essie matte top coat, and Essie Midnight cami (dark dark blue).  I was going to a wedding and thought it was too much so I quickly took it off and switched back to my lavender color.

I"m gonna try one more time, with the the blue.. and actually keep the color on for a few days to see if I can really buy into this trend.

You can find more nail polish trends here: Marie Claire Nail Trends

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Lynette said...

I like this! I think I may have to cosign on this blue thing :)

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