Monday, November 28, 2011

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I’m sure everyone has come back a few pounds heavier, I know I sure did!!

This thanksgiving we did the whole traditional family meal, blah blah blah, then watched UT v. aTm for the last time ever, so they say. I hardly believe this – it’s like when a rapper says they are retiring YUH RIGHT.

ANYWAYS GOO Horns, it was a great game, I definitely did not think we would win but it was a nice early Christmas present. It ends the rocky 117-year- relationship between us Longhorns and Aggies. As both our songs say, 
OK thats a Sooner. yea yea same difference.

NOW Onto the good part, Friday we zipped out to Galveston, TX to catch some fishies, and a cold front came in which apparently is great weather for fishing. I guess they get hungry bc of the temperature change, or maybe have to swim out to warmer waters? I really don’t know but they were biting.

Take a looky:

coy was pretty scared to get close lol:
No, daddy, no!
Matthew being silly:
ohh and the nasty part:
Fish guts! on the way to to the stove!

We’re going over to Emily and Marci’s to fish fry tonight! From the ocean to our bellies!!!!

Congrats to Alysha Walker on her engagement this weekend! She has such a gorgeous, unique ring. Super excited for her and her Fiance.

ANDDDD Happy birfday to Kristen at ! She inspired me to blog, and here is my most favorite birthday video ever:

and that's all folks!


Marci said...

love the new background! and YAYYYY fishies get in my belly!

Courtney B said...

What a great weekend!! And this just made me realize I still haven't watched a football game this season... what is wrong with me!?

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