Tuesday, November 1, 2011

20 Mosquitoes bites and an Engagement ring :)

Matthew and I went to Galveston to hang out and fish with his parents. First of all, their was a sudden INVASION of mosquitoes, and I literally had to change at least 3 times, and spray myself with OFF underneath and over my my clothes. I was immediately grumpy - Mosquitoes love me and seriously FREAK me out. Matt kept telling me to stop being so ridiculous, and I would scream back "they are biting me through my clothes!" I talked myself into cheering up - I was determined to catch some fish.  We bought a fancy (hot pink) pole, I baited my own line (live shrimp) for the first time, and caught my first fish ever !!  A 14-inch  speckle trout! Then Sunday Morning we fished again, I caught another trout and we headed out to brunch with his parents at Sunflower Cafe. We came back to the house and watched the Texans as usual, just the ol' Sunday routine. We spanked the Titans, I was beyond tired, and ready to head back to Htown. Then Matt said, "honey, I need to take you somewhere." I immediately knew something was up and boy did I get nervous. I slapped on some make-up and a nice dress just in case in 25 minutes flat, created some weird hair do and started sweating my buns off..  We started driving towards TBD restaurant, and I was too shy or nervous to ask where we were going.  I fumbled with some CD's and tried to find something a little more romantic than Lady Gaga or Britney Spears; all I could produce was Kings of Leon, kind of lame I know, but I didn't have anything else! We eventually stopped at the Sea Wall. We had dinner at Gaido's, and throughout dinner Matt did not seem particularly nervous so I convinced myself that it was a decoy. I tried to stay calm and just kept on with normal conversation while repeating in my head "do not be disappointed if it doesn't happen. do not be disappointed if it doesn't happen.' We began driving back to his parents house, and instead of taking a right to the house, he took a left to the beach. I thought, this really might be it.  I walked up to the beach, saw this and immediately knew what was about to happen. Matthew was about to propose.
I can't even remember what he said!! But I replied 'Of Course!' Then he told me the ring was already insured, he knows me-oh-so well!! We called all our family members, then posted it on Facebook of course. 

In all honesty, I dreamt about this day for a while, but I never knew how crazy it would feel. I think if Matt had given me a ring in a cracker jack box,  I would have been equally as excited. Pretty shocking overall! 

A big thank-you to Matt's parents for taking pictures and helping Matt set it all up. AND a big Congrats to Emily and Marci who also got engaged! 


Carolyn said...

I never read this post... SO CUTE! :)

SH said...

Your ring is GORGEOUS!!!

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