Monday, January 16, 2012

Engagement Pictures: Part 1

I should be inputting addresses into excel, but I just gotta blog about all the activity this weekend.

I had my first wedding cake and florist consultations, which i'll blog about later but most importantly - we took our engagement pictures yesterday! *lets out big sigh*

OH em GEE I want to see our pictures so badly! Ree took our pictures this weekend, and we just started talking about it less than a week ago, and put the whole shoot together rather last minute. I was researching locations, props and outfits like a maniac, and  feeling tense until we wrapped up the pictures.

Of course,  I couldn't find anything I was really looking for - but here are some of the things I did end up buying for our beach shoot:

We also took pictures in a quirky, urban garden. Here is a random picture I found of it online:

Then I turned around and returned everything I bought in my mad dash:

I can't wait to see the final product. I have something out of the box planned for our save the dates, and I  hope I can make it happen this weekend.

Today we then retreated to eating lots of  food.  I pretty much lured Matt into beginning the registry process with a lunch at Fogo de Chao - and it worked! Yea girls, guys and a beef buffet go really well together. We had a gift card from the holidays so everyone was happy, My wedding brain, Matt's wallet, and both of our tummies!

This place puts you in a food coma. I'm pretty much still full and its dinner time. Then we started registering. Ha!  Key word here is start. We are moving quick people. Matthew just loves me right now lol.

Since I spent so much time at the mall this week, I plan to write up a trend report for the coming season. Yup, spring clothes are out in January.

OH and I plan to sign up (or at least learn more about) the yeast free diet with beautiful mess, sign up too!

and that's all for now !


Marci said...

can't wait to see the pictures :)

Cristie Young said...

Fogo de Chao is SUCH a good restaurant!


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