Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feeling the Classic Nails right now

They say everyone has a 'nervous tick,' and mine is definitely biting my nails. It seems that I may have finally (knock on wood) kicked the habit.  I really made an effort to stop because I didn't have the 30-40 bucks a month to shell out to my nail lady. As a way to hold myself accountable, I'd like share nail pics:

I went on a darker, trendier nail color binge this December:

(Left: Essie Midnight Cami
Right: Essie School of Hard Knocks)

 but am back to my good ol' faithful light pink almost white.
(Essie: Ballet Slippers)

I just can't seem to get the glitter thing to work for me. I love it on others.
But really, I love the classic light colored nails. It's so fresh and easy! exactly what I need in my life right now.


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Emily said...

We have matching nails right now! I went away from the usual red and painted them bubble bath.

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