Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cutest Elopement Ever

This weekend was crazy one in Galveston, TX, but I'm really trying to not make this blog my 13th running wedding to-do list, well not for every post at least hehe. So I wanna talk about eloping. I've blogged about it a few times, here and here, and I can't help but revisit the carefree, spontaneous way to tie the knot. 

See Alysha, an old college friend and her absolutely adorable elopement in her now husband's backyard, err technically her backyard too..errr..omg THEIR backyard:

Her facebook album was titled "do you want to get married tomorrow"
 I think on a cuteness scale of 1-10 this gets an 11.
{Her BFF Robyn bought the bouquet }

And here is another, Mr. and Mrs. Rainwaters:
{Their pups Ivy (left) and Tex (right)}

Doesn't this just pull at your heartstrings? One day, and boom. It was done. It's so refreshing to see so little fuss.  To see a couple who just wants to share the moment with very few people, and have it all to themselves.

 Wedding planning is the most stressful thing I've ever done in my life, and  every bride I discuss this with says the same thing... sooo why do we all do it? Hmm. Its kind of a mystery to me. I literally feel like a crazy person at times. Where has my laid back personality gone? LOL.

Well, obviously I'm not eloping, I'm getting married here, but I did consider it extensively. And
 honestly I think a lot of brides do. But really, Congrats to Alysha and Matt for taking the plunge!



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Yes I think to myself every day if it wasn't for the money I have already spent & the wedding I've always dreamed of I would be heading to the beach to elope!! Lol this is stressful & way too much much cash money

Alysha said...

Tess, this is SO sweet! Thank you for the lovely words. I had no idea you had a blog but LOVE it.



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how sweet!!

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