Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trend Report: Color Blocking

So I spent a gazillion hours at the mall last week, shopping til' I was dropping for some engagement picture outfits. And the trend this upcoming spring season is

Color blocking. 

  apparently lime green and reddish coral are really in right now, also crop shirts
which fit me like a trash bag. yikes. I won't be participating
in that one. Have fun ladies.

Also, see the 'power skirt'

The fashionable ladies at Dillard's were pushing this one hard.

I'm really loving the trends, but not for our engagement pics. I finally said whatever just buy something, bought a a bunch of crap and raced outta there.

oh and see my glitter tip nails! I finally found a glitter option that I think works for me. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

In unrelated news, I think the theme of the past couple days has been overwhelmed. I'm overwhelmed by this blog, work, wedding, life. Just everything. I'm trying real hard to keep my cool on the outside, while my thoughts are pretty much racing 100 mph on the inside. Must. Slow. Down.

My day got a little better today, but the next two weekends will be wedding packed again. I wish I could drop my perfectionism but I just can't.

Hopefully I can get all the big stuff decided and relax a little in a few weeks. SIGH.

good night moon.


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