Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Save the date crisis and a lil' glitter for ya!

Hey Ladies (read in monotone voice)
So, I am having a little save-the-date crisis
BUT behold, every crisis has a solution
My solution? Um.. go to bed.

These are the cutest save-the-dates I've ever seen, but I really don't have the time..
this weekend we will be at our marriage preparation retreat.. 
and I really should have gotten them in the mail, say, um yesterday as a matter of fact. FML.

BUT. I did paint my nails. So here they are:

I've really been nit picking to find the subtle glitter french.. and I finally found the perfect combo:

 Here are my colors:
{essie: ballet slippers}
{essie: shine of the times}

and my fave at home nail care product:

who needs a nail salon when you have this stuff :) ?? taking over the world one clean cuticle at a time!


Marci said...

don't forget my awesome nail polish remover LOL! I think of you cracking up every time I use it :)

Valerie Griffin said...


Carly Ann said...

I am working on my sister's save the dates that should have gone out two months ago... I worked so hard and got them 99% of the way finished, and then she went to put the final piece together and they all got RUINED. So now I have to deconstruct them and try to put something together that looks semi okay just to get them in the mail. Good luck!

Tennille said...

Love the Invitation idea!

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