Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years Day - It's not too late to get off the couch

Happy New Year's to everyone, and it's not too late to write your resolutions down! JUST do it. Without self improvement life becomes stagnant. OK OK enough of the soap box. 

 a short NYE recap:

1. I hung out with my Jenn, asked her to be a bridesmaid by placing one of these cupcakes in her freezer. I literally waited ALL DAY for her find it!! 

Here is a way retro pic of us (oh how I miss my college body):
It was HILAR when she finally did find it. She looked in the freezer twice before she saw it, and I was pretty much on pins and needles the whole time. 

When she saw it she did a double take, then said 'what. what is that??' Of course we were having cocktails and playing with Connor (her 2-year-old) along the way!

2. We headed over to Kristen's Party, where I stayed up til midnight, 
kissed my boo and then took my tush to bed!! 

Yup, I was boring, but my sister is coming to Houston tomorrow to wedding plan so I needed to take it easy. No two-day recovery for moi!!


Noww off to finish our move and wedding plan all day tomorrow before heading back to work! 

Here are some of my resolutions:
  1. communicate better and more effectively
  2. lose ten pounds and body fat and stay that way. Even AFTER the wedding.
  3. Plan the wedding of my dreams, in my budget, and without turning into a stress monster!
  4. stop thinking of my to - list, and just start doing it!! (NIKE)
  5. Improve my blog!
So much wedding stuff do! I set a date (intentionally) not too far away. I really couldn't set a date and wait a whole year.. I am too much of thinker, so I needed a quick and limited time to plan. 

and that's all for now! 

- Tessa

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